The North Street Community is an living organism - a group of people identified in numerous ways. What can we say on a website? The best way to find out who we are is to come and meet us! We worship together every week on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM. 



Defining Factors

Followers of Jesus Christ

We identify with the people called Christians: those who follow Jesus Christ. Simply said, we take his words to “love God and love humanity” to be the central spiritual, ethical, moral, and practical understanding to living in this world.

Church of the Nazarene

We are a local Church of the Nazarene.

New England District Church of the Nazarene

We are a church on the New England District Church of the Nazarene.


While our church building is in the very historic town of Hingham, Massachusetts, we all live in various places throughout the south shore of Boston.

Click here for directions to North St.

Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore

Several of us are inherently involved with the compassionate ministry center: Friends of the Homeless of the South Shore. FHSS is a transitional sheltering ministry dedicated to providing a place to live for those who have found themselves homeless. This ministry grew out our church in the 1980s and has grown to have different locations around the south shore, totaling over 30 family units.

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