Rev. Jeremy Scott

Rev. Jeremy Scott

I’m Jeremy. I get to oversee the North Street Community as pastor. My wife, Meghan, and I got married in Salisbury, MD on May 31, 2003 just a couple of weeks after we graduated from Eastern Nazarene College. I got a degree in mathematics and Meghan in social work. We soon moved to Kansas City, KS so I could attend Nazarene Theological Seminary. I graduated from NTS with an M. Div. in 2006. I further went on to receive an S.T.M. from Boston University, focusing in postliberalism. Together, Meghan and I have five children: Brayden, Brenna, Brooklyn, Brysen, & Brielle. We have a dog chihuahua named Mocha. After living in Hingham for eleven years, we now live just south in Hanover.

I appreciate conversations about God, Christ, and the Spirit. Those who know me find me idealizing about community and trying to find and live out fresh and genuine truth rather than the plastic illusion of most of what goes on these days in our culture. I acknowledge the extremely difficult movement from ideal to reality. But I press on…

As for enjoying the times of life, I like playing with my kids, playing games (Catan, Ticket to Ride, etc.), reading about the above topics and more, listening to music, napping, napping while listening to music, driving, basketball, on-line stuff, and going up to Vermont. (You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.)

Please feel free to contact me. My prayer for the North Street community and everyone is that our days are found together in Christ. I welcome questions…I go by the mantra that we’re all still learning, all still being shaped and formed by grace, and can all help each other. I ask questions in a quest for what’s true and loving and good and invite others to join me in that journey. If we don’t seek, we don’t find. If we reside in fear, we miss out on love.

Peace in Christ,

Associate Pastor to Hull
Kurt Gerold