Bodies of Christ: Body Modification

Bodies of Christ: Body Modification

Haircuts, tattoos, lasik surgery, gender transition, cloning, artificial knees/hips, pacemakers, bariatric surgery, botox, vasectomy/tubal ligation, abortions, piercings, plastic surgery, mole removal, ED medication, skin grafting, dental fillings/crowns, microchips, braces (orthodontics) and of course…circumcision.

What do all of these things have in common? They are ways that humans have altered their bodies to achieve or attain a certain result.

Over the years, the people of God have wrestled with just how far we can go and not disturb the will of God, particularly when it comes to what we do with our bodies. Despite this being a rather big topic for our current situation, I myself have wrestled with how to search the scriptures for admonition regarding such things.

So let me warn you about this Sunday’s sermon: I will likely leave you with more questions than answers. I’ll tell you now that my goal isn’t to determine for you where the line is, but for you to consider that there may be a line.

Here are some passages of scripture to help prepare.

This series – Bodies of Christ: A series on the stewardship of the human body/Body of Christ – takes a look at the human body in relationship to the Body of Christ (the Church and Christ himself) through a variety of topics: creation, gender, sex, food/diet, appearances (image), body modification, trafficking of bodies, and more. This series will present some intriguing and sometimes difficult topics. I pray that we lean into the grace of Jesus as we consider what scripture does and does not say about these topics, all as we seek the Holy Spirit’s leading for the Church today.