Bodies of Christ: Sexuality

Bodies of Christ: Sexuality

The final topic in our Bodies of Christ sermon series is sexuality. What do I even need to say to set you up for what is coming on Sunday? You know that sexuality is most often a polarizing discussion in most any circle today, not the least of which is Christ’s Church. Over the years, the discussion has separated itself into two areas: sexuality (preferences for the act of sex) and marriage. I will have to cover both this Sunday. I ask that you pray for me and pray for you as we meet together on this topic this week. These are the passages we will be looking at on Sunday.

Last week (11/12) and this (11/19), I am preaching on two topics that are sensitive to many people (gender and sexuality). I’m asking parents to use their judgment in terms of how much they believe that their children should hear at their various stages in life. I will not be saying anything obviously physically explicit and will take care to say things in ways that the youngest among us won’t pick up on, but these topics may certainly lead to questions. I strongly encourage follow-up conversation in your household after the sermon (not that I don’t any other week!).

This series – Bodies of Christ: A series on the stewardship of the human body/Body of Christ – takes a look at the human body in relationship to the Body of Christ (the Church and Christ himself) through a variety of topics: creation, gender, sex, food/diet, appearances (image), body modification, trafficking of bodies, and more. This series will present some intriguing and sometimes difficult topics. I pray that we lean into the grace of Jesus as we consider what scripture does and does not say about these topics, all as we seek the Holy Spirit’s leading for the Church today.


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