The Anchor

What is the Anchor?

Briefly: The Anchor is our church’s ministry to Hull, focusing on addiction prevention/recovery and the arts.  

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Our goal is to provide community support, prevention, and recovery for those struggling with substance abuse disorders. We believe that this is best accomplished by providing recovery services, outreach, and prevention for residents in Hull and the surrounding areas. Paramount to the Anchor vision is to provide a physical location that offers these resources through a safe space of community in Hull. This center will be a resource for anyone who needs help, direction, guidance, or a place to come and talk. 

We value many avenues to recovery, such as AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, and more. We can assist those in need by connecting them to vital resources (detox, rehab, housing, etc.). We believe that while there are many resources available, the need for increased fellowship remains critical. We are a support system willing to assist individuals and their families throughout every stage of recovery. 

  • Group discussions concerning addiction 
  • Overdose prevention/Narcan Training 
  • Bible Studies 
  • Art classes (painting, theatre, music, etc.) 
  • Positive fun events (open mic night, dinners, talent shows, etc.) 
  • Training for those who want to volunteer or to know more about substance abuse. 
  • Providing a place of belonging and community. 

We are a group of dedicated community members who have seen the devastation and destruction that addiction has caused throughout Hull, Massachusetts, and the United States. Our goal is to help foster community that offers a constant and lasting resource through fellowship with those who may be struggling with substance abuse and their families. 

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You can reach us by phone at 781-534-9327